Body Care

Keeping it Clean and Clear

Call me thirsty but I had to post this before I released my new site. So, in case you were wondering, THIS IS NOT MY COMPLETED WEBSITE.IMG_0697

As most of you know skin care is very important to me. I was raised using natural products on my skin and nothing has changed! I decided why not share my updated skin care routine with all my readers. Your skin should look and feel good but, also be healthy. Don’t you want to maintain a young look when you’re not so young? If so, you should really take this post into consideration.

First, wash my body/face with African black soap or peppermint soap from Dr.Bonner’s. They both work really well for getting rid of pimples and other unsightly blemishes. If you purchase the black soap, make sure it’s 100% black soap (like the one in the photo below) and nothing else is added OR use the black soap from the brand Shea Moisture (as shown in the header photo). It looks so gross but trust me, it works.


My skin, without proper care can get very dry. My father has Eczema and unfortunately passed down dry skin to me. Luckily I know how to take good care of my skin and you would never be able to tell. With that being said, this next step some of you won’t need to do at all. After I get out of the shower, I pat myself a little with my towel but I don’t completely dry. I coat myself in coconut oil from head to toe which locks in the moisture. Once my skin absorbs enough oil, I put shea butter or cocoa butter on my body. It’s literally an eenie meanie minie mo on whether to use shea butter(100%) or cocoa butter(100%). You don’t need both, either one works well as a substitute for those commercial lotions. You can use both on your face as well or you can use the next product on our list.

The newest addition to my ranks is this gem of skin cream, Egyptian Magic. Perfect for me right? Considering, I am Cleopatra and I hail from Egypt (haha). I discovered the brand on instagram and I knew I had to get my hands on this all natural product. I use Egyptian Magic after I wash and dry my face. It does have an oily appearance once applied so I like to let it sit. Egyptian Magic also works great to keep your lips moisturized. Yes, you heard it here first, Egyptian Magic is my secret lip balm at times. You can purchase Egyptian Magic here. I feel as if you guys know my whole life now.


I hope that was insightful for you all. I get so man questions on how I keep my skin so clear so I felt like this was important to share again. By the way, the reason I am so adamant about using products containing 100% of the real thing is because I don’t feel a product is truly natural unless nothing else is added. Any extra chemicals could give me a different result than what I want, so I steer clear of anything that isn’t 100%. Keep in mind that if you want the best results you have to be consistent. In addition, the healthier your diet- the better your results.

Also, stay tuned for Cleopatra’s Army coming to Youtube. My channel is about to be the freaking bomb diggity you guys, start subscribing!

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