About the General

Cleopatra Lee has a very colorful fitness story; from being called “BamBam” as a toddler when she could carry a gallon of water in each hand as she romped around the house, to being trained by her Marine father throughout elementary school, to more recently being endorsed by Nike NYC & Nike Women. Cleopatra focuses on calisthenics but is not one to shy away from the occasional weight training session. Cleopatra started training with Nike sponsored fitness group, The Bartendaz & the skills she learned with them have altered her own training style for the better. Cleopatra wants to help you learn the importance of knowing your body. Cleopatra wants to show you the value of basic stretches as well as more dynamic movements, she wants to strengthen your legs, core & arms in the most natural way possible, she wants to help you grow as an athlete. Welcome to Cleopatra’s Army! Are you ready?

Don’t want to take my word for it? See for yourself, follow Cleopatra on Twitter & Instagram @TheCleopatraLee and on “Cleopatra Lee” on Facebook & CleopatraLee on snapchat.

18 thoughts on “About the General

  1. Hi my name is Bre and I am a Chicago photographer. I will like to possibly do some work with you. What is the protocol for getting some fitness photos with you ? Also where are you located ?


  2. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you’re a huge part of my motivation! I’m a college student (majoring in exercise science) from Ga and I’m working on getting certified for personal training and going to PT school. I’m a big health/naturaleverything nut and I’ve recently became a vegan as well! So looking at your post just gave me so much inspiration to keep doing what I’m doing. Thanks so much! I hope to one meet you in person one day!


  3. Hi , my name is Aliya and I’m from harlem, NY and I am a inspiring Make Up Artist and I would to do your make up for my Ig page and YouTube page . Also it would be amazing if I could do your make for an upcoming photoshoot. If possible can you email me back @ AliyaPooser@gmail.com

    Have a great day

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  4. Hi,
    I met you back in March we were both getting our hair done by hair saviour. I am also Maiya’s Aunt. I saw the pic and video’s for your class and would love to attend. The only question I have since I am a beginner would I be able to keep up?

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  5. This is such inspiration for young women like myself. I am in high school, and I just want to know how’d you deal with typical high school problems such as peer pressure, time management, socializing etc. ๐Ÿ™‚


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