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Health & Fitness Myths

Repeating the same exercise with the same reps will not get you anywhere. In order to progress you can’t repeat the same workouts, you’re going to have to challenge yourself if you want better results. One Day you do 50 squats, the next time you workout aim for 60, the next time 70 and so… Continue reading Health & Fitness Myths

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The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

I have always disliked the smell of vinegar. It’s so strong and strange! When my father first asked me to drink some I was like Wow, he has finally lost it. All these years of being crazy and he has finally hit the climax.  Thankfully, I know so much more about vinegar or Apple Cider… Continue reading The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

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In My Healthy Skin I Win

I believe I am correct when I say everyone desires clear skin. Acne isn’t deemed attractive and sometimes it even hurts. I am pretty sure a lot of people are not going to like the post because my solution isn’t some quick fix, it takes some time to adjust to. In order to get rid… Continue reading In My Healthy Skin I Win

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How to get rid of dark armpits

Before I start , I just want to say ladies . . . You’re welcome. I had no other pictures of my armpits so this is what you guys got ! This a just a spontaneous post so don’t expect great photos. If you’re like me, you hate hairy armpits and shave/nair/wax so you don’t… Continue reading How to get rid of dark armpits

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It’s Good to be Bananas!

Cleopatra Lee is never too busy to spend some time outdoors and get a good workout in. A big thanks to my friends at Diamante Wear in Poland for the sweatshirt, and I love my nike dri-fit leggings & Roshe Runs. Also a big shout-out to Pretty Girls Sweat for my awesome “Sweat”  Beanie. I… Continue reading It’s Good to be Bananas!