Armored Core Challenge Pt. 2

I’m proud of the progress my body has made within the last year. I’ve been training hard and the hard work has paid off. It’s going to be hard to catch me with my stomach covered this summer! Here’s a little ab challenge that I did this week and you guys should definitely try it.… Continue reading Armored Core Challenge Pt. 2


One, two, three – Stretch!

Stretching is very important and for several years there have been so many debates on when is a good time to stretch. Countless studies and research but different people follow different stretching “rules”. To be clear, you should be stretching all your muscle groups on a daily basis. I stretch at least three times per… Continue reading One, two, three – Stretch!

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Health & Fitness Myths

Repeating the same exercise with the same reps will not get you anywhere. In order to progress you can’t repeat the same workouts, you’re going to have to challenge yourself if you want better results. One Day you do 50 squats, the next time you workout aim for 60, the next time 70 and so… Continue reading Health & Fitness Myths


The Armored Core Challenge

Many of you have been asking for some tips to improve your abs, well today I have a challenge for you all to complete. I created the “Armored Core” challenge for you, yes you, to obtain a stronger core! Now you can have a little taste of what I do when I train. Are you… Continue reading The Armored Core Challenge


Drinking at different BARZ .

I’ve been asking myself lately “Cleo, what the heck took you so long to begin your fitness journey?” . . . You want to know why I’ve been pondering that?! It’s because I’ve met some amazing people these past couple of months. Bartendaz that has blown me away. I am honored to be a part… Continue reading Drinking at different BARZ .

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Pretty Girls Sweat and the Gym Rat Race

Is it not obvious that I love PRETTY GIRL SWEAT ?! Yesterday’s event was fabulous. I had so much fun working out with these wonderful ladies. Youtube sensation Shameless Maya was in attendance, not only did she participate in the Gym Rat Race but she also spoke about her fitness background among other things. There… Continue reading Pretty Girls Sweat and the Gym Rat Race