Please direct any Modeling, Acting, Commercial or Promotional inquiries for Cleopatra Lee to:

7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi! Can you be my mentor please !? I need one, I’m in college and had great family support but I would like another woman to be my mentor! I love running a lot ! I’ve done a 5k run and doing another one Saturday ! Email me to respond and keep in touch !


  2. Do you have any tips on working out in small spaces such as dorm rooms? I go to school all the way upstate and it can be a struggle to get to the gym or work out outside when it gets cold. What kind of exercises can I do inside that will show results ?


  3. Hello Cleopatra, I am currently a trainer/coach and would like to discuss your business. I attached my email to this message and would love to hear back from you.


  4. Hey,
    I just found your Instagram and started following you and then your webpage. I was reading about your diet and you mentioned drinking a proton shake. I was wonder what shake you drink. Thanks,


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